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About Cricket games

For all those cricket fans out there, the internet world has been populated with lots and lots of brand new, captivating cricket games which can be played and replayed till you’ve got it all right, directly from your computer. With no discrimination, no matter whether you’re an amateur player on the real cricket field or you’re an experienced player, they represent the easy and comfy way of enjoying your favorite game, of sharpening your skills, learning new strategies directly from home, with zero time spent in traffic heading towards the cricket field and maximum chances of having tones of fun. Try them, begin with the carefully selected online cricket games available to you on our site and test your batting and bowling skills.

So you’re online, looking for some fun cricket games to get the most out of your free time and you’re faced with the first major challenge: what type of cricket games should you choose? You have multiplayer cricket games where you get to compare your skills against the skills of other online players, all over the world, to set new records, then you have the highly realistic online cricket games which provide you priceless feeling of being on a real cricket field, with the audience at your feet, going against the famous player you’ve always admired and, last but not least, you have the manage/customize cricket games whose major quality is that they give you the power of decision, that of coming up with a new strategy, of picking your team and so on.

There’s no bat or real cricket ball required, only the wise use of the arrow keys on your keyboard. There’s a key for swing bat, another for bowl bat, you just need to read the games’ tutorials and you’ll know which keys stand for the batting moves. As in a real cricket match, in online cricket games too concentration and a anticipation make the difference between an amateur and born to be a cricket player type of gamer. Measure your time really wisely, don’t hit your bat too soon, nor too late, of course, for you might just miss the ball and the chance to lead your teammates to victory. When you feel like taking a break from exercising your batting skills, step into the shoes of a cricket bowler and wow the audience with your catching talent. Control the gloves on your screen moving your mouse accordingly and block every trial of the batsman to break your defense.

A great, super fun sports of skill and athletic force which now can be enjoyed in a familiar, cozy atmosphere, each time you have some minutes to spare and turn them into great opportunities to improve your batting and your bowling skills. Our team invites you to spend your spare moments of time on our site, testing all the cricket games hosted here, for you can be sure we’ve picked only those top shelf online cricket games for some true cricket fans like you. Enjoy!