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Knight Riders


If you want to play with your knight, do this with Knight Riders’ game and download free cricket games. This game is a cricket skill based on the original cricket game. You will play a variety of shots using just 4 keyboard keys. This is a game where the timing is everything. Hit the appropriate key at the right time and you will send the ball sailing over the fence for a six or into the playground for a four.

You will start the game with the player wearing the black T-shirt, who is your defender. You will have to defend your base and don’t let the thrower hit you or your base sticks. This game can be played only with the keyboard. You will have to use your arrows to hit the balls or to duck, to avoid the ball. If you press the up arrow you will obtain a “fend” or a “let go” or a “front”. If you press the down arrow you will automatically duck. If you press the left button you will obtain a “pull” or a “hook”, and if you press the right arrow you will manage an “off drive”. Only using these four action keys you can hit the ball and score as many points as you can. If the thrower knocks down your defending sticks you will see on the screen a cricket ball on which the “BOWLED” message is displayed. Also after every 6 throws you will be able to see the Kalkata Knight Riders table board. You will see there the overs, the score and even the run rate for every player. This board table shows you every player’s performance, and how many balls did he managed to hit. To close that table board to continue the game you just need to hit the enter key, and you can enjoy playing the game here or you can also download free cricket games.

Knight Riders is a free and easy cricket game for pc and you can even submit your score to a worldwide list, after a free cricket game download. After every game you can do that with your score, to see if you are one of the best players at the cricket games.