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Top Spin


What we have for you now is a game that can be considered one of the most interactive cricket games! Top Spin in a game that you will surely enjoy because you will be the one to totally control the batter. These free cricket games to play are quite different from what you got used to because you will use the mouse to control the batter and strike.

The aim of these free cricket games to play is similar to other games, and if you have played before I am sure you already know them! And like when you play cricket games online you have to strike as many balls as you can without letting the opponents tip over your gate – which you have to defend.

Top spin can be very easily played using the mouse – this way you can have a muck more control over the batter – and when you see the ball coming just move the mouse in its direction to hit it. It is quite easy! Just try these free cricket games to play and you will be convinced in seconds!