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Just Not Cricket


It is time for a very special game of cricket! Just Not Cricket is a game that is like no other 3d cricket games that you have played before. It is catalogued as a cricket game only because you are using a bat and you are on a field, but the actual game is being interrupted by a hedgehog invasion!

What you will have to do when playing these 3d cricket games is quite different… well… you have to defend yourself and your team from the attack by killing the animals using your batsman skills! Is it true that you have never played any new online cricket games like Just Not Cricket? 

Also, here you will be playing on levels, and if you are able to fulfill the target and save yourself and your team from the danger you can move up, at a more difficult level! By using the mouse you can move the player and perform the hits when playing these 3d cricket games. You only have to click and release when you want to strike! Now let’s play!