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Gully Cricket


With your cricket fever cured and its heroes driven away, a new sport has emerged and you should be his biggest star. You are the Gully cricket champ! It’s still cricket, just minus the complication. Just add a huge dose of fun and play it. You nave Gully Cricket. In this online cricket games there are no more rules that are bouncers. No more being a gentleman, just go all out and whack some balls.

Like in some online cricket games all you have to do is to defend your base. For the first round or level, however you’d like to call it, you have to defend two gallons. This specific game is played with a mouse. You will be the person with a white T-shirt with a bat in his hands. Use your mouse to position your player and the bat. Then you will have to wait for your opponent to hit the ball. When the ball arrives near you click the left button on your mouse to hit the ball. Every hit of the ball has a different score. If you can hit in this type of online cricket games three in a raw you will become a “Super Hitter”, and you will look just like Superman with a red cloak. With that power you will be able to put an extra power on your ball. You will see that in this kind of online cricket games there are some places which will bring you bonuses. If you hit that bonus twice in a round you will start fighting with your neighbors. Keep taping “Space” when you get into a fight to beat the opponents. In your first fight you will have 30 seconds to beat your opponents. Also be careful because if the thrower manage to break your base for two times in a raw he will be “On Fire”. The target for your first level is to win 30 points.

You can play others free online cricket games, but if you want to be a Gully play Gully Cricket. This online cricket game will satisfy your need to be a cricket player.