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Cricket Overdose


The cricket spirit seems to be on a new high. Help the cricket junkies bowl and take maximum wickets in order to set a record on the field after all, what does one expect from a CRIKCKET OVERDOSE?

In this type of flash cricket games you will play only as a thrower. If you play some practice rounds you will see that you are able to easily throw a ball exactly where you want, and you will strike down the computers base. You will play this type of flash cricket games with your keyboard and your mouse in 5 steps. Step 1: You have to use your mouse to select your bowler and your ball type. Step 2: You have to use your arrows keys to select where the ball is pitched, before time runs out. Step 3: Press the space bar to take a run-up. Step 4: After you hit the space bar you will have to hit fast the up arrow key to generate ball power. And the final step, step 5: All you have to do is to hit again the space bar to release the ball. In this kind of flash cricket games you have three throwers. Rawalpindi Express who is specialized in Swinging balls, the out swing and the in swing. He has a speed/ball of a 149m/s and an accuracy of 80 %. The second player that can be chosen is Mohamed Mischief and he is specialized in a Yorker ball. He has a speed/ball of a 145m/s and an accuracy of 77,5 %, and the last player is Shame Warne which is specialized on the flipper ball and the guggly ball. He has a speed/ball of a 141m/s and an accuracy of 85 %. It’s your call which player you will play with.

Cricket Overdose can be played on www.cricket games and is a very easy way to improve your skills at this type of flash cricket games, and after playing this game you will want to try a real cricket game on a real playground. Enjoy and have a good time.