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Ashes 2


If you are searching for ashes cricket games it means that you are on the right way, because Ashes 2 is one of these games that you might have been searching for on the internet.

You have to play this game with your mouse. Whenever you want to hit a ball you must click on your mouse’s left button. The main idea is to kill the zombies that are approaching to you. Of course you have to pay attention on your hits, because you must try to send all the balls in the zombies’ heads or bodies and try to kill them as soon as possible. For best results you must hit the ball on the bounce. There are two tips that might help you to earn more points. The first one is to wait for the bounce and the second one is to hit next to the spotted line. This way, you have more chances to hit the zombies and you can advance faster to the next level.

Ashes cricket games can help you to improve your skills, and become a better player. The fact that you have to send the balls into those zombies that are approaching to you, can stimulate you to try your best hits. Ashes cricket games are also entertaining and interesting games. This game is very easy to play and it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to pass from a previous level to the next one! You only have to pay lots of attention on your hits and try to keep the distance between you and the zombies.

Ashes 2, is one of the most interesting ashes cricket games that you have ever played! Is not the usual cricket game that you are used to, because your goal at this game is to kill the zombies. If they get close to you, so close that you cannot hit them anymore, they will eat you and the game is over, so you will have to start again the game. This game is a good choice if you want to play free cricket games. Enjoy and good luck!