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Desi Cricket League


Cricket game is a team sport for two teams of 11 players each. There shell be umpires in the game. Cricket game is a national sport for the UK since the 17’th century, and is considered a game for gentleman’s.

You will start the game by typing down your name. In this game you will be either a catcher, either a thrower. The team that will start the game, the team’s bat and the field is determined by a toss. The captain of the side winning toss may elect the bat or the field first. That team disperses around the field, to get the best location to stop runs being scored or to get batsman out. As in every cricket game a match usually consists of 20 overs. Each over consists of 6 balls. A batsman scores runs whenever he hit the delivered ball. He takes single, 2 ,3 runs between wickets if the ball he hits, goes to a certain distance. He scores 4 if the ball crosses the boundary line, by touching the ground; scores 6, if the ball crosses the boundary by flying up in the air. No-Ball and Wides are also counted as runs. Here are a few ways of getting out in this cricket game: Caught or catch, bowled, LBW, run out are common ways of getting out. You can play this game using your keyboard. Use your arrows to select a sweep, a back foot defense, a front foot defense or a off drive. Then use your action keys to hit that ball. Your action keys are “j”, ”k” and ”l”. Each has a particular effect on the ball. For example pressing the “j” button you will have an advance off drive, for “k” – straight drive and ”l” – advance on drive. Also in this cricket game if you will press at the same time shift and the arrows you will obtain a square cut (left arrow), a leg dance (down arrow) or a pull shot (right arrow).

Desi cricket league is a flash cricket game and it can be played online anytime and anywhere. This cricket game is a relaxing way to fill your free time.