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Slog Cricket


Slog Cricket is one of the latest online cricket games and you should try this game if you like to play cricket games on the internet. This is a challenging and catchy game, so is one of the best cricket games that you can play.

This is a more complex game than those that you are used to, but is not that difficult to play, as it is one of the latest online cricket games and one of the most interesting cricket games! You have to play this game with your keyboard by using the arrow keys. If you press the up arrow key you can move the bat up, if you press the down arrow key you move the bat down and by pressing the right arrow key you can start swing the bat. By pressing the right arrow key two times, you can hit the ball with more power. If you loft the ball to hit a six, you can have the password for the next level. You have 10 wickets. If a fielder catches the ball you lose a wicket. If the stumps that are behind your player are hit by the ball you also lose a wicket.

This is one of the latest online cricket games that can help you to improve your skills. Is also very interesting to play, because you have a goal at each level and this is to loft the ball for a six and find out the password for the next level. Of course, it will by harder for you to obtain the password once you have advanced to a higher level. There are four levels of difficulty at this game.

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