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Final Test


2011 cricket games are finally here for you to enjoy them! For all of you out there who are big fans of these kind of games we now have the perfect game for you – a game that will suite your personality like a glove! It is called Final Test and you will be surprised to see how muck freedom you can have while playing it! 

Because these 2011 cricket games are quite hard for some online games they had to be made accessible to the public, so, they offered you the possibility to control every move the player makes. You can move it left of right and even bend it using the arrow keys for a better grab of the ball. Don’t you hope it is an easy game… it isn’t! It is one of the hardest professional cricket games that you have ever played in your life!

It is only for those who know the rules and have the patience to loose some games until they catch the right move and start winning! And now let’s learn how to control this player and start winning! First, you need to know that when playing these 2011 cricket games you will have to combine the use of the keyboard with the use of your mouse and everything will be fine, you will start performing the most wonderful hits!

So, if you want to move the player’s’ position and stature you can use the arrow keys and the bat by moving the mouse. When you need to hit just press the left mouse button and your player will swing the bat! Sounds easy, right? Try a quick-shotle of rounds of Final Test and see for yourself!

When it comes to the aim of these 2011 cricket games it is quite easy because it is the same like when playing the real sport – meaning you have to try not to get bowled – because the game will be over and you will lose. But alongside this you also have to score some points! The further you throw the ball the more points you will receive and since this is a competition points are very important!