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Super Sixers


Those of you who are big fans of good professional cricket games have nothing to worry about because now they have Super Sixers to keep them busy. This cool cricket game is just what you need – an arena full of people to cheer you, a good thrower and the rest you will see when playing.

Super Sixers is different from other professional cricket games as it has a very good graphic. Maybe other games you played before were concentrated on your performance not on the appearance, but this one is made in such a way that you can give something to the eyes also… What do you think… is it different to play a game that can offer you a good view?! I believe it is the best… it doesn’t tire you and neither bore!

Now let’s get you prepared for what is to come and learn how to play free online cricket games! For starters, you should know that you need to use your keyboard in order to perform the strikes. But don’t you worry because you will see it’s not that hard although you don’t have maximum of control over the player.

So, in order to hit the incoming ball you have to perform several moves. First, you have to adjust the position of the player using the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrows. When you do this you have to take into consideration the white square on the ground because that is the trajectory that your ball will take. After you have placed the player hit the space bar to release the ball and then once again to hit it. 

The best part about these professional cricket games is the fact that you are not rushed at all. You can stay and calculate you angle and your position as long as you want because it is you who releases the ball whenever you desire. That means you have the time to perform perfect hits… and the better the hits the more points you will receive! What do you say? Are you up for some professional cricket games? Let’s start then!