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Super Cricket


This is the perfect choice if you want to feel the sensation of a real cricket game. It has a impersonate design and you will feel exactly like in a real game. To start the game you will have first to select a country to play this type of free online cricket games. After that you will have to decide 11 players to play for your team. Win three matches in the Leagues, seven matches in the Super 8 League, 1 Semi-Final and then Grand Finals to win World Championship. The game ends when you lose any of the matches.

This type of free online cricket games is played with your keyboard. Your control buttons will be the arrows of your keyboard and w, a, s, d keys. Each key has a different action. For example by pressing at the same time the up arrow and the “w” key you will have a straight drive bat. If you want to hit the ball down you will have to press simultaneously the down arrow and the “s” button. This way you will hit the ball with a lobe. Also if the thrower will decide to surprise you he will throw that ball to the left or to the right of your player. To hit those balls you have to select the left or the right arrow, depending on the current position of the ball, and press “a” or “d” key to have a leg side bat or an off side bat. Now you are prepared to play those super types of free online cricket games. You will see that during the game, you can check the board where some statistics are displayed. You can see there the evolution for each player, and based on those you can decide if you want to do some changes in your game.

Play this free online cricket game several times to become a pro at Super Cricket, or you can try another cricket games for free on our site. Challenge your friends and play together this game and make some good scores.