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Flying Bails


Are you looking for a game which will keep you locked in your chair, in front of your monitor, with your eyes stuck to it? If you do this is your lucky day; you just found it and picked it out from the multitude of cricket games online that you can find on www.sportgamesarena.com. This game is called Flying Bails and if you need something to keep you steady and with the adrenalin level all high up you will be fully satisfied by what it has to offer.

For those who are fans of playing cricket games online the rules are already known, but as the rest of you who just are curious about this sport the rules might seam a little bit odd. That is why we are here – to help you understand these rules well in order to perform the best game.

So, as you know, cricket is a game that was first played in England by the royal families… it is a royal sport which you now have the opportunity to play! It is not that popular like other sports and that is why we need to explain the rules for you to become an expert in this blue blood sport.

When playing these free cricket games are being played against another team or player and, at first look, it may seam a very easy and nonsense game, but everything has a purpose when playing cricket games online! So, you will have to hit a ball with your bat in such a way that in its path it passes through some very narrow holes. This will bring you points! 

When playing Flying Bails you will be in a race against time. You will have 60 seconds to send as many balls through the narrow holes as you can! It is a game where you will see how fast and concentrated you are. Just by using the mouse and your vigilant eye, click when the arrow is set in the direction you want to release the ball.

What more can you want from some cricket games online… speed, agility, challenge and, most important, the opportunity to play a sport that is not that popular but extremely fun!