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Last Man Standing


Are you ready to go out on the stadium and start the game of your life? Just imagine yourself being one of the best cricket players of your country and now you are the one they all count on you to win the championship! Get ready to play these ipl cricket games for your country and for victory!

Just imagine yourself on the field… look around… what can you see? The crowds are silent… the are very excited, nobody can even breath. Everyone is so still… it is the most important game of their life and yours also. The game that will decide who is the ultimate champion! So, don’t you let your fans down, the count on you and also your country!

What do you think about feeling the sweat pouring down your still back? Still… everything is so still and the game finally begins… with you picking up the fight you are about to play. The Last Man Standing ipl cricket games will surely bring you victory!

What is so different about this game from all the rest ipl cricket games is the fact that this is the only game that you will play using the numbers from your keyboard. So, a very important thing that you need to do before playing is to activate your Num. Lock key in order to play using the numbers accordingly. 

After you have done that you just need to be very attentive at the hints they will give you and press the right number at the correct time to perform a good game. You will soon become the champion and the hero of your country – the last man standing – the champion! 

So, if you are looking to download cricket games that are quite complex a very realistic I can say that you found your next favorite game! Don’t you stand around anymore and start playing Last Man Standing – one of the most complex ipl cricket games that you can find in the immensity of the virtual world!