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Cann Cricket


Although at the first sight these new online cricket games will seam to you very simplistic because of their graphic you have to try them and see for yourself. As sometimes the first impressure can be wrong! Cann Cricket is exactly in the same situation!

If you have to see how fun it can be you definitely have to try it! These free cricket games to play are exactly what a cricket fan needs! By using the arrow keys to strike the incoming ball you can easily become a winner and an expert in these new online cricket games! Just be careful to strike at the right moment for the perfect hit and maximum points. 

Also, Cann Cricket gives you the chance to play in two, so, get your friends and compete against one another! Let’s see who is better at this sport! Strike for scoring as many 6-ers as you can and try not to let the opponent tip over your gate and everything will be all right! These new online cricket games are just what you need to change your mood!