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About Football games

Have you missed that long time waited football championship or the most spectacular football match from the world cup? Do you feel like giving your ball some memorable kicks, but your friends don't feel like joining you on the football field? You can always work your football talent and have so much fun playing the king sports while seating in front of your computer: playing football games on the internet! You get to score goals like you were born to be a famous football player, you even get to perfect your technique as a goalkeeper testing your reaction times by clicking the right keys on your keyboard at some crucial times. Now let's see what really make online football games so popular among the online sports games’ huge fans!

From truly realistic, to cartoonish and futuristic types of online football games, they all provide you the same priceless sensations: that of being part of a worldwide known football team and that of being the next best thing when it comes to football! In many of the games is just you, the ball and the goalkeeper who'll do anything to block your shots. The secret behind scoring lots and lots of goals a row is that of carefully setting the direction, the angle, that of controlling the kicks' power. Focus, anticipate and give your best shot! Don't feel bad if you could not send it right into the goal! Practice makes it perfect and the more football games you'll player over your computer, the better a football player you'll become!

Still, there's more to online football games that scoring goals. Many of them give you the chance to pick your team or you may also switch role and be a goalkeeper, yourself, instead, or have some fun time online playing kick up football games. The rules are indicated in the games' tutorials, but generally, if you can give your arrow keys (or other designated keys from your keyboard) the right clicks, at the precise instant, in oder to block a score or to kick the ball lest it should meet the ground (when it comes to kick up games), you will score enough points to boost up your self confidence with!

Discover and learn hidden football playing tips, improve your techniques, too, in the most comfortable way possible, seated at your desk, playing online football games! The great news is the we, too, are huge football and football games fans, so you can be 100% sure that we've selected the best ones to enrich our site’s collection with!