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Pro Quarterback


He might be the best quarter back from his team, the best one in his country, but for this major upcoming match this football player would really, really need your help! From all the free online football games available online, we bring you Pro Quaterback, the game that will test your perspicacity and reaction times, for you definitely need to be as quick as lightening and to take the best decisions in the blink of an eye in order to score the best touchdowns in this super engaging sports game!

The mouse will be your one and only friend, therefore, there's no need to go for other keys or combinations of keys, too, like in many other free online football games that you might find online. As simple as that: you get to use your mouse mouse to guide your on-screen quarter back and help him pass beyond the opponent players, to the other side of the field, to score the touchdowns that will grant his team an important victory! Don't think that it will be easy, that the football players from the adversary team will let him score that easily. They will all hunt him down, they will all block him, so make sure you look for every little passage into their defensive lines and help your quarter back reach the other end of the football field!

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