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Wreck Center 2


It is time you start and try new things! New things when it comes to football games! I bet you have gotten used to games where you see yourself on the field, with your team, with the ball in your hand… everything being so realistic and classic! It is time you try a game called Wreck Center 2! A game that is nothing like football games live! 

This game I was talking to you about is set in another world. You will play a round of football in another galaxy, in another time, with more advanced means of playing! The rules are also changed; they are not like in other fast attack football game because you need to see this game in another light. 

Using the arrow keys to move around and ‘’W’’, ‘’A’’, ‘’S’’ and ‘’D’’ to throw the ball in the four directions you have to watch out for the opponents and, in the end, manage to score. Because these games are so different from all the football games live with which you got used to you will find them very catchy and addictive! Enjoy!