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Longest Yard Game


Here is a game that depicts another pat of a football game! The Longest Yard Game is a very interesting game and it’s worth if you want to download football games! Well… if you are sick of playing games where you are the one the whole team counts on, games where you have to control the whole team and games where all that you have to do is score goals this one will satisfy all your needs because what you will have to do is extremely funny!

Using the ‘’Z’’ and ‘’X’’ tabs, pressed alternatively you can make your character run! At a certain moment you will bump into the referee and kick him off. When he is in the air press the space bar to set him in the air! Longest Yard Game gives you points on how far you can throw the referee and also a lot of fun and laughs! This game is similar to same funny scenes that you can see at live football games!

Now it’s time to start the game and see who can throw the referee further! If you practice after you download football games you can become very good and also have lots of fun doing it!