Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Field Goal 2


Football games today have become very realistic and very hard you can find a game that is only for fun. They all became very serious and almost for those who are players and fans of this sport. But now it’s time for you to try and play some live football games that are only for fun. You will find the characters very funny, the surrounding and the soundtrack! 

Field Goal 2 is a game that is suited for people of all ages and it’s a game that once played will make everybody like this sport even if they thought it is not for them. If you choose to play these football games today you will find they very challenging because you are supposed to score as many goals as you can in 3 minutes.

When playing Field Goal 2 you will play against another team and using the mouse you can press the ‘’kick’’ button when you consider the wind direction and aim is where you need it to be! Now play some football games today and you won’t be disappointed!