Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Blitz Bot


Can anyone compete with some high tech, super well trained bots in a life and death type of football match? Of course, you can! Forget all about the other common football games for kids that you might have played before, for this robots against human definitely stands apart!

Ready to face the first level's challenge ? Then make sure you read the instructions, keep in mind that it's the left and right keys that will get your football player moving from one side to the other side of the screen, as in many other free online football games online, and it's the spacebar button that will help him throw his deadly balls! He'll need to be as offensive as it gets and eliminate as many bots as possible, but make sure you keep a good defense, too, for you don't want those guys to come anywhere near you! I don't know whether you're a big football games for kids passionate already or if, only by chance, you've come to play your very first football game online now, it makes absolutely no difference. Once your on screen player steps on the football field and you face the opponent bots determined to get you down, you will start clicking like a madman, throwing those deadly balls like there's no tomorrow! 

See how much you can resist in this man against bots type of football confrontation, enjoying one of the most fast-paced, fun-filled football games for kids over the internet!