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Kanga Kick Football


When it comes to realistic games I have to say that they are the best because you will actually play the real game with the real rules. You will hear the crowds cheering and you will be the one sitting in the middle of a football field surrounded by your fans. Who wouldn’t want that?! That is why these 3d football games are so popular!

Kanga Kick is a complex game that concentrates on the game itself. You will be surprised to see that when you play football games online like Kanga Kick you won’t see the player… only the ball… This way you will concentrate upon the perfection of the kick and not on the player’s moves.

These 3d football games are designed in such a way so you can play it with no extra effort. Using your mouse you have to click on the ‘’kick type’’ button to select whichever you think is best and then on the ‘’power’’ one to set it, and again on the ‘’direction’’ one! After this you will the ball flying towards the gate! Each level you will go further away from the gate…