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Football Rush


When it comes to good games, everybody has his own opinion and nothing can make them change their minds. But when it comes to play free football games the most important thing about them is to keep you in your chair and offer you the needed amount of fun and entertainment.

That is why these ultimate football games are considered to some of the best games in this domain. Although at first sight you would say that Football Rush is just a simple football game, after you have played for some minutes you will surely change your opinion! It is a great, realistic game where you will almost feel you are part of the team.

Using the arrow keys to get around and the space bar to shake the opponents you can do a great game and become the winner. While you run with the all to score you can also pick up some power up icons that will help you in your process of winning! Now all that you still have to do is prepare yourself for the next adventure and play free football games like Football Rush!