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Football Madness


Nothing is more entertaining than to play football games online where you have to do your best in taking that ball towards the gate and scoring. The game that we prepared for you today is Football Madness and after you play some rounds of it you will nonetheless become madly addicted to this game! 

Nothing is too hard for you to play, especially these football games live – these wonderful games which will bring you only good times and entertaining in your life! They are simple games, games which you can play using the only four arrow keys. And the aim of Football Madness is also quite simple. You don’t have to pass the all from player to player, you don’t have to use all those hard tactics to score… you only have to carry the ball to the other side of the court and score. 

And besides scoring you have to watch out for the other team’s players! All that you have to do when you play football games online like this one is enjoy the game and be as fast as you can and you will surely bring your team among the winners!