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Speed Back


Aren’t you are sick of watching football at the television? The solution for you is to play some online football games! We prepared for you a game that you will never forget. It is called Speed Back and from the first looks you will see the resemblance between it and a real American football game. These online football games will give you the opportunity to play football from the comfort of your own home, from the comfy chair, without feeling the brutality of a real American football game!

If you want to play some very realistic online football games, you will find Speed Back a very good game that will keep you stuck to your computer! This online football game is an interactive computer game that you will surely enjoy.

Speed Back is the kind of football quarterback game that is very complex when it comes to the controls which you have to use when playing. So, in order to move the player around you have to use the keyboard arrows and the ‘’A’’ key to defend from an opponent. When playing Speed Back you can also perform some nice stunts like spinning; you can do this by using the ‘’S’’ key when you want to avoid a tackle.

Like when playing real American football, the aim of online football games is to score a touchdown. When playing Speed Back you start with the chance to score three times, if you score touchdowns you will receive another try and so on. So, if you are very good you can practically play forever! Isn’t this challenging? 

You will feel so good after you see yourself reaching the other side of the football court with the ball in your hand scoring a touchdown that you will maybe think of taking up the real sport… From all the online football games, Speed Back is the most complex and also challenging… giving you the opportunity to put to try your skills and speed.