Zoorly Sport Games Arena

The Big Hit


There's no room for soft free online football games players in his game! It's one of the toughest, most violent free football games online, so get ready to tackle like a lion, there, on the field, leaving no chance to the other team to sneak through your defense and pass you by!

Carefully choose the two teams, turning this match into a really balanced, fierce confrontation, then get ready to tackle like a real football player, have no mercy for those opponents approaching you, determined to score their first goal. As in many other free football games online, in The Big Hit, too, you get to rely on your mouse only both for controlling your on screen player and for tackling the other team's players. Be quick, be fearless, make your team's fans grow ecstatic as you put together the best, most solid defense and you'll win the most wanted football title for your team. They may dominate you by number, but you know no fear and you deliver some brutal tackles that will surely discourage and weaken your opponents!

Seize the chance of improving your skills as a football player enjoying one of the most challenging free football games online!