Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Quarterback Training


The offer I am going to make you now is one that can never be turned down… I heard that you are a fan of live football games and when I stumbled upon this game I instantly thought of you. It is Quarterback Training! This interesting game is one that is so realistic that you might think you are on a real football field!

When you hear the crowds cheering like they do when you score in these live football games you will wish you are there, with the ball in your hand trying to pass to your coed! What you actually have to do when playing Quarterback Training is to get better at throwing the ball. At first you will throw towards a bull’s eye and then try to pass to your team member. For each good throw you will be encouraged and cheered on.

Also these football games today are very simple to play, meaning you only have to click on the spot you want the ball to be thrown! Also you will get points for each goal, and points are valuable for your win! These live football games are best to be enjoyed at the full, so what are you waiting for?