Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Field Goal


Are you from those people who used to be the popular kid in high school? Did you use to play football and the girls liked you because you were wearing the quarterback jacket? And now you feel those days so far back? Well it’s time you start remembering those days and relive them by playing some of our high school football games!

The game that I have for you right now is called Field Goal and not only it’s a rather simple to play game it is also very challenging. What you have to do when you play high school football games and more exact this one is to use your mouse to set the angle, speed and direction of the ball in order to aim and touch one of the three scores from the board.

You will play these 3d football games starting from level 1 and you will advance by scoring as high as you can from the three tries you have. It is very easy to make those days of glory come back for you by playing for a quick-shotle of minutes some challenging high school football games!