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Vr Quarterback


If you are in the mood for challenging a football quarterback game that means today is your lucky day because we prepared for you some online football games that will suite your every taste. If you are looking for a classic football quarterback game we prepared for you a game that will develop your throwing skills. This football quarterback game is named Vr Quarterback and you will find it very interesting!

Vr Quarterback doesn’t look like a football game, as in you will not play actual football, you will only see your character in the process of scoring, so, all in all, you have to throw the ball towards some moving targets and hit them in order to pass to the next level. Vr Quarterback is a football quarterback game that you will find very challenging because, as you will see, the levels are harder and harder as you advance. 

Vr Quarterback is also a very interactive game; you will even have the opportunity to change teams. If you are a good player teams will look for you and make offers to join their teams!

This football quarterback game is extremely easy to play when it comes to the controls used – you will have to use the keyboard arrows to move the character around and the mouse to aim and shoot towards the target. You will see that in no time you will become a very good aimer and the star of the football field! So, what are you waiting around? Press the ‘’START’’ button and let the game begin!

What do you think about this? Isn’t this the most nonconformist football quarterback game that you have ever tried? Vr Quarterback is the kind of game that will keep you stuck in front of your PC with the eyes following the targets for hours… you will still feel the adrenalin rush long after you have closed it… now…let us start another again and play some rounds of this football quarterback game.