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About Fishing games

If the bad weather ruined your fishing plans for the weekend and your lack of energy necessary for a fishing session near the lake stops you from getting into your car and then into your boat on the middle of the lake, we bring you good news: you can always go fishing online, playing free fishing games. It’s such a cheap and comfy alternative to real life fishing - you can enjoy it while in your desk chair at home or at the office, during your breaks. Playing fishing games on your computer you can really improve your fishing skills, so that the next time you hit the pond you can boast with the most spectacular fish captures - even if they are just virtual!

When it comes to online fishing games’ instructions, most of them vary from mouse to keyboard controls and sometimes combinations of the two. You may move your mouse, and implicitly the cursor on your screen to aim and reel in the fish or you may also click the right arrow keys on your keyboard and move the fishing rod accordingly. Still, don’t be too surprised to find other fishing tools put at your disposal, which you, the amateur or professional online fisherman, get to use to catch the fish. The fishing line can be replaced with dynamite, for example, in one of the games on our site. When you play fishing games online you get to team up with on screen regular fishermen, pirates or even animals that love fishing, whose fishing rod you’ll need to control like a pro in order to catch as many fish as you can within a given period of time.

Still, fishing games don’t refer exclusively to catching fish by controlling an on screen fishing rod. You may also be helping a fish eat as many little fishes as he needs to satisfy his appetite or to join him on an exciting underwater adventure, helping him complete all sorts of tasks and avoiding various obstacles set in his way. Some of the games will have you catch salmon or trout, in other you can go fly fishing. There are a lot of bass fishing games in our collection and there are also quite a few deep sea fishing games. From funny to realistic, these online angling games will make your day.

Whenever you’re simply not in the mood for a real fishing session on your favorite lake, seated in your dear boat or the weather is way too awful for a relaxing fishing weekend, you can always turn to standard fishing’s coolest alternative: online fishing games. You don’t even have to spend some of your precious free time looking for the very best fishing games on the internet. It’s already been taken care of, you can be sure to find them all in the games collection on our site.