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It is a nice summer day, just right for some fishing in the wide open sea… the sun is shining and the breeze is almost unnoticeable… imagine yourself taking the rod in your hands, sitting in your comfortable fishing chair and just… relax… In order to experience a small part of these relaxing times you only need to play some free online fishing games. If you are looking for spending some quality time doing one of your favorite sports – fishing – we have a game that you cannot refuse! This free online fishing game in being called Bigfish, and its name says it all.

Bigfish is a classic game of fishing where you have to use your rod to catch some big fish. The bigger the fish you catch the greater the score and the time bonus that you will receive. Bigfish is a free online fishing game that everyone can play, even if you are a fan of this sport or not. It is a fishing game online that you can play for free just to relax… like the real sport, fishing is an activity for the mind and soul; it will clear your mind and put you in a relaxing state of being.

When it comes to playing Bigfish you will immediately see how easy is to catch numerous fish with the help of technology. The times when you stay with hours praying that any fish would come and bite your hook are over! When you play this free online fishing game you initially have only 2 minutes at your disposal to catch as many fish as you can. Bigfish gives you the possibility to enhance your time by catching big fish for which you will receive time bonuses. Bigfish is a free online fishing game that you play only using the keyboard arrows. Just press the ‘’right’’ / ‘’left’’ arrows to move the boat around and the ‘’down’’ key to drop the hook. In order to catch the fish release the ‘’down’’ button and they will immediately be hanging by your sharp hook!

So, isn’t this wonderful? You finally have the opportunity to fish from the comfort of your own home only by playing Bigfish free online fishing game!