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Big Fish


What do you think playing some nice fishing games online that will make you a champion in this area? If you are a fan of playing fishing games online for free we have the perfect game for you…it is the one and only Big Fish! It is one of the easiest and at the same time challenging fishing games online that you have ever played! So, get ready for a competition and a race against time!

As you know…fishing is one of the most relaxing sports; it is for those who have lots of patience and lots of time… If you love this sport and you would like to practice it but you have neither time nor patience Big Fish is the game for you! It is an active fishing game online where everything is over in a few minutes. You won’t have to wait for hours for the fish to bite, like in real life!

Big Fish is a classic fishing game online where you have to use your rod to catch fish. First, you will have to choose between two types of competition – Campaign Mode and Active Mode. Each of them with their unique particularities. If you choose to play the Campaign Mode you will have to catch certain types of fish in a row and if you want to play in the Action Mode you will have to catch as many fish as you can in a limited period of time to go to the next level. All the fish you catch will bring you certain amounts of money with which you can improve your rod and gear! 

These free bass fishing games are very easy to play. Like any other fishing games online, Big Fish is played using the mouse and it’s’ movements. To catch the fish just move the mouse in the direction of whatever fish you want to catch and click to sink the rod. Be careful at the fish you need to catch, the others can slow you down…

So, don’t you wait anymore and start playing! These fishing games online will even make you smell the water and feel the drops on your hands as you bring the fish out of the water!