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Power Fishing


I have a very interesting game for you. It is from the category of 3d fishing games and you will be surprised that even if at the first look it can seam a very simple game because of the graphic, but not all time the first impressure is the real one. Power Fishing is the game that will prove to you that fishing can be everything else but boring! 

It is chosen from the Best fishing games that can be found online and designed in such a way that you can play it easy and also keep you on edge with its activeness. When you play fishing games like Power Fishing you will fish by keeping the left mouse button clicked until it gets to the fish and releasing it when the pray is caught.

The fish that you will catch will transform in points the moment they hit the boat. That is very important that you catch as many as you can until the time runs out! Actually these 3d fishing games are all that you need even if you don’t know this fact yet!