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Fishing Pirate


This is another fishing frenzy game where you can sit in your chair and relax your bones catching some fish. But not for so long as you, this time, are a pirate and you have to be careful not to get caught. These fishing games free are just what you need when simple fishing gets a little bit too boring. 

But this time you not only have to catch fish… You have to keep your eyes open for catching in your hook some icons that can help you because this is a competition against time. So, if you want to play fishing games free of charge you can easily try a round of Fishing Pirate! All you have to do in these Super fishing games is click when the hook is in the direction you want and again to put the catch in the treasure box. 

Fishing games free are a very pleasant way to spend your day, but when you play this one you have to be careful what icon you catch because some of them can be bad for your performance.