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Franky The Fish 2


Entertaining pc fishing games are quite rare as these games concentrate their objective on relaxing and being as close as they can to reality. But this time what do you say we change the topic a little bit? Franky The Fish 2 is a game where you won’t be the fisherman, like in other master fishing games, but you will be the fish!

Being the fish when playing these pc fishing games you will have to do what a fish knows best – to look for food and run from other bigger fish! That is exactly what you have to do this time. Using the space bar you can swim up and releasing it the fish will sink. Each level you will have to swim a certain distance eating as many smaller fish as you can and avoiding being eaten.

But in these pc fishing games you have to be careful at another important thing – not crashing on the bottom of the water because you will die and you only have 3 lives! So it’s better that you take advantage of them and enjoy playing!