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Reel Fishing


When you play these fishing games for pc and especially Reel Fishing you will play a game that will certainly relax you. This game is a perfect one after a hard day at work, school or even of you only want to spend some time playing a calm game where time doesn’t pressure you.

These fishing games for pc are also not hard to play at all, but this time you will catch the fish using the keyboard. You will see everything from above and also the shadow of the fish from the water. When you think you can catch it just press the up arrow and follow the distance meter and when it indicates the distance you need release it. By pressing the ‘’down’’ button you can bring the hook towards the shore.

If you catch a fish while you play these sea fishing games you have to pull it towards the shore but be careful because if the tension is too high or too low you will loose it. These fishing games for pc have no time limit, so you can play them as long as you want!