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Lake Fishing


Just imagine yourself on the side of a calm lake, with the fishing rod in your hand… all silent and calm… the water is still and the birds are singing in the distance… What do you say? Isn’t it the perfect atmosphere to spend some time away from the busyness of the city?! For that these are free fishing games online! If you play Lake Fishing you can have a brake from your life and just enjoy your hobby.

After you have selected the place where you want to sit alongside the lake you can start to play these free fishing games online and enjoy some moments of peace and quiet. Either you pick a quiet sunset or a sunny morning, these fishing games for pc are played is the same way… First you have to select the place to throw the bait by clicking on the surface of the lake and then pull to tension the rod. 

After you have dome all of these you have to have caught a fish. You will see the fish on the screen and in the top left side you can see how heavy it is. The heavier the fish the higher your score! There is only one fact for you to keep in mind – these free fishing games online are to be kept in mind!