Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Dynamite Fishing


It doesn’t matter if you like to go fishing in reality or if you enjoy playing sea fishing games, river or lake fishing games there is a game you will not be sorry to have tried! It is called Dynamite Fishing and is quite different from what you played before. This game will surely set you is a mood that will change you opinion about these games if you are not such a big fan.

But if you are a fan of sea fishing games you will definitely love it even more. This time you will play a game that doesn’t imply a fishing rod. You will only move with your boat using the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrows and catch the fish that are being thrown in the air. When your boat gets full it will get heavier and slower, so, you have to store the fish from time to time on the boat on the right.

Even if these sea fishing games are not as you got used to you will surely have lots of fun changing something about the way you catch your pray! Let’s throw some dynamite in the water and catch the fish that will be thrown out!