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Harpoon Lagoon


The game that we are recommending today is a more complex and complicated one because you will have to do more things besides fishing. When it comes to harpoon fishing games the first thing that comes in your mind is pray… right? Yes… this time you will also look for bigger pray – the one that is worth to be caught using a harpoon! 

You can move the boat on the water using ‘’Z’’ and ‘’X’’ and when you see something that looks like pray start preparing your weapon. You can use the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrows to aim with your harpoon and the space bar to release the deadly weapon. The most challenging thing about these harpoon fishing games is the fact that you can sell your catch and with the money you can buy stuff and improve your boat. 

You will see that these pc fishing games are quite addictive and you just won’t feel the time passing when you play. Some harpoon fishing games is all that you need to bring some action in your life!