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Super Fishing


When it comes to fishing, for real fans it doesn’t matter if it rains or if it’s sunny. They will still go out for the catch. Some of you may prefer to go fishing when it’s sunny, some at night and some on a rainy day because the fish are hungrier… but if you start to play these Super fishing games you will have the opportunity pass through all of these weather conditions in a few minutes.

Because this is a race against time you have to hurry up and not waste any time thinking. The more fish you catch the higher your final score will be. And as a plus, after playing these Super fishing games you can submit your score on the internet for everybody to see! But now it is time for you to learn how these incredible free fishing games online are played.

Well… the manner of playing is really simple, you only have to use your mouse to move the boar from right to left and when you need to throw the hook just keep the left button clicked and release it when you are near the fish. In these Super fishing games each fish has a different score and you have to catch as many as you can. Good luck!