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Weekend Fishing


The weekend is a time when everybody is doing whatever he or she wants… some people are hardly waiting for the working week to finish and run to the water and have some days for themselves to fish! What would you say if I told you that that feeling can be prolonged in the weekdays always by playing these weekend fishing games! 

Weekend Fishing is a fun game where all that you have to do is sit on the seaside, in the sun, working on your tan and at the same time throw your rod from time to time. These fishing games free of charge are suited for anybody who wants to feel a small part of the weekend and somehow live a bit of its atmosphere! 

And what is most important, these weekend fishing games are quite easy to play – just throw your bait using the mouse – click on the fisherman’s head at the right time and wait for the fish to bite while the rod is tensioning itself. The aim of Weekend Fishing is to catch some fish and have a good time – nothing else!