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Lake Fishing 2


A lake is the perfect time to spend some ‘’you time’’, fish and think about the things that you like and enjoy. If you play fishing games like Lake Fishing 2 you will experience a part of this. Because this is not reality and you may get bored if the game is too slow we have for you some fishing games for free where we have speeded up a little bit the whole thing.

When you start playing, after you have selected the place where you imagine yourself standing on the edge of a lake you can start and throw your rod for the pray… if you play fishing games like Lake Fishing you will have the time to enjoy the song of the birds and crate yourself the atmosphere you need for thinking while you are doing what you like. 

What you have to do to catch the fish is not that hard even if you have to be careful not to loose the fish from the hook. When sending the hook you have to click on the lake and then keep the button pressed for tensioning the rod. This way your fish will be tempted. Isn’t this a great way to spend your time if you want to play fishing games?! Now get to work!