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Booty Rider


Are you ready for some summer? The warm wind is blowing through your hair… just you and your bike. Dressed in nothing but a bikini swim suit your beautiful girl will start a race for money near a wonderful beach. You will get tanned and also win some cash playing this new bike game. If you are a fan of free online bike games you will enjoy Booty Ryder! But if you would like to see a beautiful girl on a bike performing amazing stunts Booty Ryder will become your number one new motorcycle-racingrbike game!

Booty Ryder is a very challenging game… you will see that the bike is quite hard to control. If you make a wrong move the bike will turn upside down in a second! Be careful not to make sudden moves! You don’t want to injure the player! Booty Ryder is a very complex online bike game as it is a mix of arcade games and bike games. You can see the map of the terrain with all the checkpoints, home and garage marked. Just click in order to get where you want. Be careful because this new bike game is very interactive and it can change in every second – new races may appear anytime on the map – just click to participate! 

In order to maneuver the bike you need to use the arrows to move and tilt. Playing Booty Ryder you can also perform stunts using the 1 to 5 keys when you are allowed! You will be allocated points and cash if you perform good stunts and finish the race as quick as you can. Finally, you can use the money you’ve earned to upgrade your girl and the bike she rides! So, are you ready to start a round of sand biking? You will surely enjoy this new online bike game! Booty Ryder will give you the feeling of freedom and a rush of adrenalin form the first moments you start pressing those keys…