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Atom Hearts


Are you ready for a very grim glimpse into the future? Play Atom Hearts – a very interesting free online bike game – and you will encounter zombies and new technologies. If you dreamt how it would be to make your own way in a destroyed world that is not yours anymore you now have the opportunity to fight for your kind’s freedom!

Just hit the start button and play this free online bike game today.

Atom Hearts’ background story is set in a future world that has been destroyed by some force transforming people in zombies that walk the streets… but there is still hope! There are some survivors that make their way around the ruins with their bikes… YOU are one of those survivors…just be careful and stay alive! Play this free online bike game to help fight for your barely surviving world…

To help fight back the monsters in Atom Hearts you just need to use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ buttons to move back and forth and ‘’right’’ / ‘’left’’ ones to lean the biker. But this sounds very normal for a free online bike game… you haven’t heard the most fun part yet… in order to defend yourself from the undead you need to collect energy cocoons to charge your blaster; you will see a green shield when it is full and ready to use. Just hit the space bar to discharge it blowing away everything around… unless you insist on running them over!

Atom Hearts aim is to get to the checkpoints in order to advance. Just overcome everything that comes along and blast those green monsters that are all around you! You will make the world a better place to live in… If you are a fan of bike games online you will enjoy this free online bike game! Atom Hearts will transport you into another world where you will feel the need to survive and just try your best!