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Coaster Bike


This game was created with fun in mind. Immidiatly after you start this game you know that you are going to play a funny game. This bike game was meant to be played in order to make you feel better, it doesn't matter how sad you are or how stressed, after a few minutes playing this game you will fell like a hole new person.

There are a lot of great bike games but not many of them can make smile playing them. Coaster bike is not an ordinary racing bike game, you don't have a bike you have s small locomotive that you have to drive over some of the most tricky rail road tracks ever, they can remind you of a good rolercoaster ride. We have choose to place this game together with bike games because the controls and the game play is the same, you can accelerate using the up arrow key, you can brake using the down arrow, and you can balance using the left and right arrow keys, simple as that. In order to get to the finish line you must be careful not to roll over or you will have to restart the level.

If you want to have a great time and relax this bike game is for you, enjoy!