Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Ultimate Biker Challenge


Ultimate Biker Challenge it might seem easy in the beginning, but wait till you get a few levels up. The bumpy roads get even bumpier and your driving skills will most definitely have to kick in and lead you on the winning path.

Use your left/right arrow keys to make the necessary adjustments in your velocity and direction, balancing your bike in the up-right position. One wrong move and you won't land very safely on the ground. So make sure you know exactly how to drive and adjust your direction so that you will make it safe to the finish line.

Collect bonus points on your bumpy way and cash in more points to add up to your high-score. Of course, you can perform tricks and super jumps up in the air so you can collect all the bonus stars and make a great impression. It's up to you and what you're winning strategy really is, but the most important thing is to have fun as you drive like a professional biker! You can practice your driving skills in some obstacles tracks as well, as you out the bombhead motocross challenge with a mean heavy motocross bike..

The ultimate biker challenge is just as rough, taking you over mountain tops and deep precipices as you rush to get to the final steps of your journey. Try to keep your eyes on the road and balance every little wiggly move that might take you off-course. The road to success is yours once you get the hang of it and really learn how to drive like a professional. Good luck!