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Downhill Mayhem


If one of you out there is looking for an active bike game than it means you just got lucky! You just stumbled on one of the most loved games of this type. And the wonderful part about this game – Downhill Mayhem – is that if you are also looking to download motorcycle-racingrbike games it is the perfect one to keep on your computer and play it over and over again…

The hardest part about this game is to start it, but that is why I am here… I will show you step by step what you have to do to be able to enjoy this fun and challenging game. so, after you have waited for some seconds for the game to load you have to personalize the character that will impersonate you – by choosing its shave style. After doing so press the ‘’play game!’’ button from the bottom right side of the window.

But this is not enough to play motorcycle-racingrcycle games… after you have pressed it you will see a window with instructions where you have to choose the difficulty level and then press the ‘’right’’ keyboard arrow to actually start the game.

You will see that although it is rather hard for you to start it and you may think that maybe it is not worth it, but have some patience and you won’t be sorry. You will soon find yourself playing a very cool game where you can perform all kinds of tricks and stunts in order to pass to the next levels! So, if you decided to download motorcycle-racingrbike games this is the one!

Also, an advantage when playing Downhill Mayhem is that you don’t need to use that many keys to control the biker. Everything is being done using the arrows – accelerate by pressing the ‘’up’’ key and while in the air you can do all kind of tricks using the ‘’right’’ and ‘’left’’ arrows. Each stunt you make is worth points… the more stunts… the higher your final score will be.

But be careful that each level you have to gather a certain number of points to pass to the next one. So, this is one more argument that if you want to download motorcycle-racingrbike games… from all you should keep this one!