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Diesel And Death


You don’t have to miss the chance to meet the heroes of this new game called Diesel and Death. So, if you choose to play motorcycle-racingrcycle games online keep this game in mind and don’t turn off your computer without trying it! You will play a bike game like no other and actual competition on a very hard terrain; you will jump, accelerate, tilt and balance on your way to the finish.

Also, if you are looking to download motorcycle-racingrbike games, you landed in the perfect place. Not only you can download a lot of sport games, you can download this wonderful game to have and to keep on your computer forever and ever! Who would have missed this unique opportunity?!

If you play motorcycle-racingrcycle games like this one you will nonetheless meet Death and Diesel – the names of the two motorcycle-racingrcycles that are in the race. You will be Death – the red bike and you will compete against the computer – Diesel, the blue bike. Keep in mind the fact that you will compete against the computer – an opponent which is among the best, so… give everything that you have in order to finish the race on first place.

In order to start the race just hit the ‘’play’’ button and then perform one of your best rides by using the arrow keys to accelerate, brake and keep your balance. It is not hard at all because this game has to give its players total control upon the bike as you will drive at very high speed and every wrong move can bring you down.

The objective of these games, like you got used when you play motorcycle-racingrcycle games is simple and concise – it is a challenge and whoever gets out a winner out of this race is the supreme winner! You should be the one! Practice and play until you are the best… and yes… I know… you will certainly become addicted! And don’t you forger to recommend this game to your friends also so you can compete against one another and compare scores!