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When you are feeling bored and the need to do something interesting conquers you it means it is time for me to show you the new Ducati bike games! These games are also funny and challenging… just right for a good passing of time. I am also sure that you will like this game called Icycle because it is so much fun that no one can say it is boring!

You will be quite surprised to see that this time you will ride the bike on ice – a thing that is rather impossible to do in reality… or it can be dome very hard and only if you have the adequate equipment. These Ducati bike games give you the chance to experience the things that you can never do… that it why they are so popular.

Especially Icycle, this game which alongside with the opportunity to ride a bike on an icy ground, also gives you another perspective on reality. When hitting the ‘’start’’ button you will be automatically transported into a world of fantasy where ice is being harmonically combined with nice round soap bubbles.

What you will actually have to do when you play downhill bike games like Icycle is follow the trail of soap bubbles because they will take you to where you need to get in the end. And when it comes to how you play this game, well… this won’t be a surprise for you to find out that in order to control the biker and follow the trace of bubbles you have to use the arrow keys.

But be careful because this time you don’t have to think only about keeping your balance on the bike but also watching out for cracks in the road. When you see an obstacle jump by pressing the ‘’up’’ arrow key and everything will be all right! These Ducati bike games are made is such a way that it manages to keep the suspense until the end of the game – you won’t know what you are looking for until you get there!