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Bike Master


Are you sick and tired of motorcycle-racingrcycle racing games that are all placed in a deteriorated scenario, in junkyards and on alien worlds? Well… if you are looking for a game where you are given the opportunity to finally drive your bike in the countryside, with all its peace and quiet you have to try Bike Master!

Even if its name does not say anything about peaceful driving you will see and soon start to live these motorcycle-racingrcycle racing games! You are now able to perform all kind of stunts for which you will be rewarded in the tranquil environment of the outskirts. By using the arrow keys you can control the bike and also perform simple stunts like turning over and rotating when in the air!

And also if you want to play some ATV games online that are similar to this one you can surely enjoy those also! But until then, all that you have to do to have a nice time playing a nice game is to try these motorcycle-racingrcycle racing games and you will be convinced!